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About Anna Grace

Contemporary poet, Anna Grace Du Noyer was born in 1980's North Wales Great Britain.

Du Noyer's experiences in early life and young adulthood influence themes within her collections. 

Growing up in the British countryside, as the daughter of a geologist, metaphors of mountainous landscapes and stark scenes in nature feature heavily in her poetry.

Du Noyer's poetry is an antidote to the excesses of civilisation, exploring and reflecting on often unnoticed but profound details in the natural world. 

Best known for her poetry journals of major life and world events, her writing ranges from stark and moving elegies to abstract, descorts and free verse. Occasional, humorous, epigrams provide a poem for every feeling experienced during prolonged periods of crisis such as the death of a parent or a global pandemic - two major themes in her recent work. 

Du Noyer's largest collection of poetry was written during her mother's battle with terminal brain cancer. And in her book Poems of the Pandemic, she explores themes surrounding the 2020 global coronavirus outbreak.

Her observations on the flaws and nuances of the human condition help create a rounded story of life through her lense. Initial cynicism hides a juvenile impression of life, proving credible and striking resilience. 

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