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And the Rain Pours - by Anna Grace Du Noyer

♥️Poem about losing Mum to brain cancer. Themes of death and grief ♥️

Right hand, labours on.


by the clay of her body

A stubborn limb.

In tempered skin.

Still, her left

Passed in Spring.

Its gentle palm

Curls open.

Leaning into the

surly revolt of her body.

Summer swirled.

A haze of sun.

And delicate


Autumn threatens floods.

Swollen clouds loom overhead.

We brace for bitter winds

In the Winter of her life.

And the rain pours.

And the rivers carve a map.

And the days pass.

Searching the blur of her body.

A vulgar wristwatch throbs.

Pulsing past a beating heart.

Mocking mottled skin.

And the rain pours.

And strength settles into the seat.

A soft creak of leather

Warms the room.

Whispers of my presence

Saturate the cell walls

of her coma.

And the rain pours.

And unearths an infinite truth

A graceful dance. She flees

The wreckage of her broken body,

Expired lungs exhale all suffering.

A parting gift.

And the light guides.

And she sets sail.

And the light guides.

A compass tears through swollen skies.

And the rain pours.

And the floods rise.

And the banks burst.

And the rain pours.

And the rapids

Drag me into the gutter.

Copyright © Anna Grace Du Noyer 2020


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